Open profiles

Open profiles

Open profiles

Open steel profiles

The characteristic of open profile contours is that the strip edges are open, i.e. they are not connected to each other. Typical classic examples of open profile geometries are, for example, U-profiles, angle profiles, C-profiles, sigma beams, omega profiles or hat profiles. However, there are of course also very special customer-specific contours that cannot be easily assigned to one of the categories listed.  Functional hole patterns are pre-punched and inserted directly in the line as required for the specific application. In most cases, open profiles are cut by using shear blades, which provides a high cut quality.

Samples open profiles

Wide range of applications

Flexible design options

With up to 60 forming stations, we are able to realize complex sections according to customer requirements.

Building on universal tools

Based on existing universal tools, we design your desired profile shape. In many cases, higher tool costs can be avoided through such combination options.

Best cutting quality

Open profiles are usually cut with shear blades. This ensures a high-quality cut without waste.

Wide range of materials

We mainly profile steel profiles, but can basically profile all metals available on coil, such as copper or aluminum.

Open profiles

We realize your profile

A roll-formed profile can achieve significant cost savings from a required quantity of just 5,000 running meters or 10 tons.

Markus Geiser, Team leader Engineering

Modular design