Closed profiles

Closed profiles

Closed profiles

Closed steel profiles

When we talk about closed profiles, the characteristic feature is that the strip edges are joined together either with a seam lock or by laser. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages, and we will be happy to advise you. In contrast to standard profiles such as square or round tubes, we refer to customized closed profiles as shaped tubes. It is also possible to incorporate functional hole patterns in closed profiles. Due to the closed contour, these profiles cannot be cut with a shear blade, but are cut to length with cutting punches or cold saws.

The great flexibility of laser welding allows us to produce application-specific welded joints. Thanks to a special process, we are able to produce two weld seams in the line at the same time - the so-called dual welding process. This also works with galvanized steel qualities. Due to the very close and concentrated heat input during laser welding and the self-healing properties of zinc, there is even no need to re-galvanize the weld seam on galvanized steel grades.

Samples closed profiles

Smart connections and high rigidity

Advantages closed profiles

High flexibility in smart connections

High rigidity

A high degree of rigidity is achieved by joining the belt edges. This is particularly beneficial in areas where static values play a major role.

Flexible connections and punching layouts

The laser welding process offers a wide range of joining options. In addition to a normal longitudinal seam, it is possible to select a step seam, a T-seam, an overlapping seam or a welded joint across the corner, depending on what is most ideal for the profile. Forming is able to produce two parallel weld seams simultaneously in the line. The specifically controlled welding depth required can also influence the running performance of the profile, which has an advantageous effect on the price. Due to the laser's very narrow burn-in sector, galvanized materials can also be used. Re-galvanizing is not necessary, the cathodic protection remains unchanged. Unlike conventional HF welding, laser welding allows profiles to be produced with pre-punched hole patterns.

Smart connection with folding closure

In contrast to laser welding, a seam lock requires slightly more roller tools. Compared to the laser, the seam lock has fewer restrictions on running speed and can also be used with pre-painted, organically coated materials, for example, which eliminates the need for a subsequent coating process and saves costs. The fold seam can also be grained or edged, which provides additional rigidity.

Closed profiles

Connected with profile

Whether welded or folded, we offer you a wide range of options for greater stability

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