Steel Profiles

Manufacturing possibilities

Manufacturing possibilities

Our production process

Starting from the steel coil cut to width, the flat strip is unwound and rolled into the desired profile shape via several stations using driven, hardened steel rollers. Punching presses and laser welding systems integrated into the production line enable the efficient production of open or closed, perforated or non-perforated special profiles. Additional functions can be used to integrate embossing, threads, notches or end formings into the manufacturing process, for example.

Designed for series production from a batch size of 3000m, the roll forming process becomes increasingly efficient as the batch size increases. We always assess the feasibility and cost-effectiveness in relation to the running meter to total weight and the availability or new production of the required tools.

  • We process all common steel grades from coil
  • Own steel service center
  • Strip widths up to 800mm
  • Profile height max 220mm
  • Profiles up to material thickness 6.0mm
  • Lengths up to 20m (depending on logistics)
  • Single piece production within batch size possible
  • Dualweld (two welding seams) possible




Special sections made of steel

Special profiles are used in a wide variety of applications. Driven by innovation and optimization, new profile systems are constantly being developed.

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From a multitude of possible segmentations, we differentiate profiles into the following groups:

Open profiles
Closed profiles

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