Quality and environment

We are adapting!

We are adapting!

Precision quality

Our internal processes are clearly documented and certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015. The requirements of our customers with regard to quality-related topics such as testing processes and documentation vary greatly depending on the industry and application. We adapt our processes according to customer specifications and ensure that the required specifications are met.

We work according to the principle of self-inspection, i.e. the machine operator is also responsible for the quality of the profile he is currently producing on the system. Our machine operators are regularly trained by our quality team and, in the case of special requirements and tolerances, additional product-related training is provided.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

We care about the environment

Our environment is important to us! We are ISO 14001 certified and we also have various programs in place to further reduce our CO2 footprint. By installing the region's largest photovoltaic system on our hall roofs, we already cover over 50% of our energy consumption with renewable energy.

Our customers have the option of specifying "green steel", i.e. CO2-free steel. Various steelworks offer the corresponding material. We also rely on sustainable and environmentally friendly recyclable materials for the packaging of our profiles.



You can download our certificates here

Forming AG is certified according to the latest standards and is regularly audited. If you have any questions, our Q-Team will be happy to help you.

ISO-9001-14001-45001-3834-2 Deutsch

ISO-9001-14001-45001-3834-2 English

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EN 1090-2 English

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EN 1090-4 English

SVS Schweisszertifikat

SVS Welding Certificate